Festivities at Jeanne-Mance Park

On Saturday, July 5th from 1:00 pm to 9:00 pm and Sunday, July 6th from 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm at Jeanne-Mance Park enjoy transcendental bliss at the outdoor Festival Hare Krishna. Fun for the whole family, this FREE event includes a vegetarian feast, an arts and cultural showcase, face painting, exhibits, shopping, and much, much more!

Please see schedule below for the details of the stage program.

Stage program

Date Time Performance Performer Description
Sat, July 05 1:00 pm Music - Kirtan ISKCON Montreal's Sunday School

ISKCON Montreal hosts a Sunday school each week wherein children and teens learn philosophy, verses, do dramas and kirtan together.  Today you will see them chant two bhajans glorifying Krishna in His form as Jagannatha.

Performers: Ganga, Radhika, Abhay, Sei Vina, Ushna, Camille

Sat, July 05 1:45 pm Magic Show Dattatreya Yogesvara das

Dattatreya Yogesvara das has been a professional magician for the last ten years performing for audiences in places like India, Australia, Europe and all over the United States. His entertaining unique blend of eastern and western magic will amaze and delight you again and again!

Sat, July 05 2:05 pm Music - Kirtan Atmarama das

Atmarama das, devotional singer and composer of sacred music, has been residing in Vrindavan, India for the past 25 years. He plays the flamenco guitar combined with Indian raga. With his unique style and sincere desire to share his spiritual understanding, Atmarama's music has reached far corners of the world. Yearly he travels from continent to continent – touching thousands of hearts and lives with the Maha-Mantra Hare Krsna.

Sat, July 05 3:05 pm Drama - “Little Big Ramayan” Bhaktimarga Swami & Troupe

Bhaktimarga Swami aka "the walking monk", is currently walking across Canada for the fourth time. He has also walked Gayana, Fiji and Ireland to name a few others, promoting spirituality and pilgrimage. He also travels around the globe performing dramas based on Vedic scriptures. In Swami's latest drama, he presents an abbreviated version of the Indian classic the Ramayan. It will be showcased again Sunday in French.

Sat, July 05 3:45 pm Music - Folk-pop Kirtan Mahavirya das

Songs in French on various Vaishnava subjects.



1. Mes hommages (Tributes to the parampara)

2. Chaitanya

3. Le voyage

4. L'Infiniment Fascinant (and Maha-Mantra final)

Sat, July 05 4:45 pm Dance Swarakamalam Dance and Music School

Bharathanatyam dance performance with live orchestra.

Sat, July 05 6:15 pm Music - Kirtan Boys Summer Trip

The Boys Summer Trip is a five to six week trip that visits ISKCON Temples and Ratha-Yatras around the United States and Canada. The program focuses on helping boys develop a Krsna Conscious identity and vaisnava qualities, building friendships, and providing opportunities for devotional service. The trip also engages in adventure activities such as camping, recreational games, and occasionally visiting theme parks.


They will perform kirtan for us.

Sat, July 05 7:40 pm Music - Rock Kirtan Rajasi - Rock Band

Rajasi is a mantra-rock group that incorporates Krishna conscious lyrics, some traditional mantras and prayers, and their own original songs over a rock/reggae groove. The enthusiasm and excitement is sure have audiences of all ages ready to sing and dance along.